Yelverton Golf Club

Yelverton, designed by the renowned golf architect Herbert Fowler, is a delightful moorland course with many interesting features. These include old mine workings and a “Leat” – an artificial watercourse dug into the ground, which was built in the 1790’s to provide water to Plymouth from Dartmoor.  Fowler added a number of sizeable banks and mounds with a limited number of fairway bunkers, this was typical of his trademark design.  The generous fairways are lined with many natural hazards, including – heather, gorse, bracken and small thorn bushes, that put a premium on accuracy.  The geographic location also adds to its natural features and a relatively easy walking landscape. The course shares its fairways with the native Dartmoor Ponies, sheep and cattle, and when combined with typical south west weather creates a unique landscape for golf.

Donald Steel Golf Architect wrote – ‘Yelverton strikes the perfect balance in testing the best players without terrorising the less good.  The change to accommodate modern equipment is not necessary, it has stood the test of time because its defences are so natural.  Never have I walked such a long-established course without finding so little to comment, this is kin to going to the doctor and being told “you are fully fit”’.

The course has been hosted many special events, including the England Golf Men’s Senior Amateur Championship in 2006.