The Save Par Club

The Save Par Club

  • Set up in May 2020 by Rob French and Craig Kennedy
  • Who are we? We are a golf membership club aimed at golfers who are undecided on where to buy a membership or for golfers who don’t play enough to warrant a membership but wish to receive a discounted green fee when they do.

From the golf clubs perspective, we aim to help each of our partnered clubs increase their membership numbers by attracting more visitors play their course and those who enjoy their experience may sign up. More visitors also means more people using the bar and making purchases in the club shop.

We allow each of our partnered clubs to decide the discount they wish to offer and at which time. For instance, if a club is particularly busy in the mornings but very quiet in the afternoon, we will suggest a higher discount for afternoon tee times.

What makes us different? We see a lot of golf clubs signing up to third party membership companies as a way of attracting new members but this is reducing the number of full memberships at golf clubs. We understand that golf clubs need full memberships, alongside a healthy amount of visitors, to continue to fund and maintain the club.

The Save Par Club wishes to work closely with golf clubs to attract new memberships and also a healthy amount of visitors. We do this by offering a low-cost yearly membership card (£75) and allowing our members to experience what our partnered courses has to offer.

We also are keen to promote our partnered clubs and can offer, through our social media handles and website, promotions of memberships, events, PGA lessons and any content each club wishes.

There is no fee to pay us and all we ask in return from golf clubs is a discounted green fee for our members.

  • We are currently focusing on Kent, Essex, Surrey and Sussex with plans to expand in the south within a year.
  • Current clubs signed up include Farleigh Golf Club, Bletchingley Golf Club and Lingfield Golf Club. We have 2 more signing up next week after meetings and more in the pipeline over the next month.
  • Memberships go on sale Saturday 1st August for an early bird price of £30 (£75 RRP)
  • Charity Day raising money for The Pilgrims Hospice, Saturday 22nd August at Park Wood Golf Club in Westerham.

Visit The Save Par Club website.htttp://