SkyCaddie Offers £50 For Your Old Laser Or GPS

It’s back! SkyCaddie’s Trade-Up promotion is alive again, giving golfers whopping discounts on SkyCaddie’s greatest-ever range of GPS handhelds and watches.

SkyCaddie’s award-winning ‘big four’ – the SX550, SX400, LX5C and LX5 – all cost £50 less during the promotion.

All you have to do is hand your old laser or GPS over to your local SkyCaddie stockist to get £50 off a new SkyCaddie. 

So if your laser’s lost its lustre, or your GPS has given up the ghost, root them out of your golf bag / garage / that spare drawer full of “stuff”, and bring them in to your PGA pro in return for £50 off a brand-new SkyCaddie – golf’s most accurate, most up-to-date and most comprehensive distance measuring devices. 

The SkyCaddie Trade-Up runs until Sunday May 15th – that’s the last day that you can bring in any laser, any GPS, in any condition, “dead or alive”, to enjoy the discount. 

Yes, even broken old lasers and GPS devices which haven’t seen the light of day since TikTok was just a noise made by clocks. 

Your SkyCaddie dealer will discount your new SkyCaddie by £50 off RRP including VAT at the point of purchase, after they have taken possession of your old laser or GPS device. 

And then there’s nothing more for you to do – just go off and enjoy golf’s most incredible GPS devices! 

And enjoy the extra £50 cash in your account with SkyCaddie’s compliments. 

Call SkyCaddie on 01844 296360 or visit for all info on the 2022 SkyCaddie range.