England Golf Makes Scoring Easier with Updates to ‘MY EG’ App

England Golf has announced that golfers can now pre-register and post scores from general play rounds at any rated course in England via its ‘My England Golf’ App.

The new function is ‘live’ and available to all members of affiliated golf clubs in England who hold a World Handicap System (WHS) Handicap Index. Golfers can now enjoy the flexibility of recording scores for handicap purposes from either 9-hole or 18-hole social rounds played in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping.

By allowing scores to be easily added to a player’s record from general play rounds at any rated venue on the England Golf platform, it will create a more complete and accurate record of a golfer’s actual playing ability. 

All golfers need to do is download the App (available via Apple and Google Play Stores), activate their account, and then pre-register a round at, or near, the venue of choice, before inputting a final score. To pre-register or submit a score, golfers should: 

• Open the ‘My EG’ App by tapping the icon

• Click on the ‘Enter Score’ function at the foot of the dashboard screen

• Follow the step-by-step instructions 

To protect the integrity of the handicap system, England Golf has also introduced the following updates to the App: 

• Geo-location technology will ensure pre-registering the intent to post a score can only be done near the course where the round will take place

• A time lag will be in operation from the point where intent to play a round is registered to the stage when a score can be accepted 

• A golfer’s final score must be verified by a playing partner who has witnessed the round and who holds a World Handicap System Handicap Index

Commenting on the updates to the My England Golf App, England Golf’s Head of Handicapping & Course Rating, Gemma Hunter, said: “This is an important update for the WHS and should make it far easier for golfers around the country, who mainly want to play socially at their Clubs, to keep track of their Handicap Index. The new updates are designed to make the process of pre-registering a round quicker and easier for golfers, whilst also allowing us to protect the integrity of the handicap system. 

“With golfers only just returning to the golf courses after lockdown, we are confident that these updates will make the transition to the new system a much smoother process. As well as pre-registering and posting general play scores, the App also allows golfers to calculate their Course Handicap, link up with friends and track their scores throughout the year.”

The new score input functionality adds to the options currently available to the 200,000 users who have already downloaded the App. 

The App allows golfers to discover their Handicap Index, track their scoring record, calculate their Course Handicap for any set of tees at any English course registered on the England Golf platform, as well as link up with friends and follow their scores throughout the year. 

Golfers can download the ‘My EG’ App for smartphone or tablet by going to the relevant App store and searching for ‘England Golf’. To discover how to download the ‘My EG’ App for Apple or Android devices, click here. 

Golfers can also find out further information on the ‘My England Golf’ App, and the WHS in general, via the England Golf website at: https://www.englandgolf.org/handicapping/ 

You can also receive WHS updates from England Golf on social media:

Twitter: @EnglandGolf

Instagram: @england.golf

Facebook: @EnglandGolf