Wedding gift ideas

Wedding gift ideas


Many moons ago buying for a wedding couple was a relatively easy affair. These days, with some couples already having homes or those that are embarking on a second or even third marriage it is a little trickier.

The circumstances and age of the bride and groom often influence the choice of wedding list and presents. Quite obviously a young couple setting up home will have different priorities to those of an older, established couple.

The wedding list must be set up before the invitations are sent out so that details can be included. There are numerous options on offer, from the traditional department store list to financial contributions to the honeymoon via a travel agency. Equally, some couples choose not to have a gift list or to make charitable donations instead.

We took advice from a specialist company Wedding Presents Direct on their recommendations for the perfect way to please the wedding couple and make their guests’ lives a little easier.

Here is their advice-

1. A Wedding List is a once in a lifetime opportunity

“There is a real danger these days of losing sight of what a wedding list if all about, which is to set a couple up for their life together, while avoiding the multiple toaster syndrome. Of course a lot of couples live together before getting married, but they often have a mishmash of plates, glasses, towels etc that they have gathered together over the years. So having a wedding list offers a fantastic opportunity to upgrade from the mishmash and choose some wonderful presents together that you will enjoy for many years to come.”

2. Choose presents that stand the test of time

“However tempting the latest trendy electrical gadget might be, it will soon be superseded by an updated model, whereas some gorgeous Egyptian cotton sheets, or Le Creuset kitchenware will be loved and enjoyed for a lifetime. Of course be aware of current trends and the latest technology and pop one or two on your list but also ensure you choose gifts that will last your future life together”

3. Look at and touch the presents you choose

“Where you can go to a showroom or your shop of choice to touch and see the presents you have chosen for your list. Although much is done on the internet these days, these are important decisions and it is worth meeting with the experts who have done it all before and envisaging the home you are about to create.

4. Be original

“A Wedding List gives you the opportunity to define your style as a couple. When choosing gifts for your list don’t forget to add on special, personal pieces as well as the essentials. Source original gifts for people such as a hand painted dinner service where each plate had been individually designed by the bride and groom in question. Or vintage silver from antique fairs – no list should feel pre-ordered it should be bespoke and tailored to the couple.”

5. Don’t focus on one room in the house

“Couples when choosing their list tend to get stuck in the kitchen and bedroom, without thinking about the whole house and your garden too. A wedding list should add character to your home, as well as provide you with the essentials – so don’t forget about things like garden furniture, pet accessories and games to entertain those many guests who will be coming over to see their presents in pride of place.”

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