Ufford Park hosts event to celebrate Silver Anniversary – 25 Glorious Years!

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Ufford Park Hotel, Golf and Spa hosts 25th anniversary event for friends, local business associates, staff and founding members for its Golf and Leisure facilities


2017 is the year of Ufford Park Hotel’s 25th Anniversary, and this significant milestone was marked last night, Thursday 4th May 2017, with an event hosted in the hotel’s Deben Suite.


The hotel, which opened its doors in 1992, has evolved over the past 25 years to become what it is now – a 90-bedroom hotel with an award-winning 18-hole golf course, and a health club and spa.  Congo Rapids Adventure Golf also opened in 2016 offering families and groups of friends, young and old, a fun year-round outdoor activity to enjoy together.


In 1991, Shirley and Colin Aldous, parents of Ufford Park’s current Managing Director Tarnia Robertson, took over the stalled development of what was to become known as Ufford Park.  They invested their own money into the scheme, along with another local entrepreneur, and the Ufford Park Hotel opened its doors the following year.


Last night, Ufford Park brought together about 150 guests including local business associates, staff, friends and family for celebratory drinks, canapes and an anniversary cake, designed and baked by Ufford Park’s own chef.


Gifts of gratitude were awarded to several members of staff who have worked at the hotel for 20 or more years, and a specially-produced video showcasing the history of the Aldous Family and Ufford Park was shown.  Guests were also given a copy of Parklife Magazine which was created in honour of the 25th Anniversary and with a huge amount of support from a number of local sponsors, to whom Ufford Park is very grateful.  It was produced by local publisher Blake Bryson Publishing.

Tarnia Robertson, who has been Managing Director for the past two years, having taken the reins from her parents when they retired, welcomed guests and shared her thoughts about the anniversary in a short speech.  She thanked a number of individuals and groups of people who have helped to bring Ufford Park to where it is today.  Looking ahead, she said: “We all know that to have a successful business nothing can stand still because unless you are moving forward, you’re falling behind – there’s no such thing as ‘status quo’ in business. . . I am excited about what the future can bring and with your help “together” I believe we can build on the reputation my parents started, to become the BEST 3 Star Hotel in this region.”


Colin Aldous, Founder and former Chairman, also said a few words about the journey Ufford Park has been on over the past 25 years, highlighting key moments in the hotel’s history.


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