Sunrise Senior Living

Sunrise Senior Living

Talking about Alzheimer’s or other memory loss conditions is never easy when it affects a loved one

Sunrise has a mission: to champion the quality of life for all elderly people

The newspapers are full of stories about the rising number of people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. It is not only confusing for the person living with memory loss, it can also be a distressing and upsetting time for their family. Nobody knows this better than Sunrise.

The number of people living with memory loss or dementia is on the increase. According to Alzheimer’s Society, there are about 800,000 people with memory loss in the UK. This is predicted to rise to a million by 2021.

Sunrise has helped thousands of people over three decades to cope with the challenges of memory loss and lead a fulfilling life. Whether you join one of the support groups they host or simply want to chat a little more about the Reminiscence neighbourhood, you’ll benefit from their immense experience, support and guidance.

The Sunrise care home in Beaconsfield has the feel of a luxury hotel. There’s a bistro, a popular dining room serving restaurant-style meals – all prepared on site – and plenty of optional trips and activities to keep residents entertained.

“The key thing is to acknowledge the problem and then talk to people who are experts,” says Janice Hawkins, Director of Community Relations at Sunrise of Beaconsfield. “Dementia develops over time, which means that different people will need different levels of care at each stage of their journey.”

The Sunrise approach provides care for all elderly people, as well as a separate, specialist dementia care neighbourhood. This means that residents can start in one neighbourhood while their symptoms are mild and, eventually, move on to the more specialised care they need if their condition develops.

Malcolm Hague, General Manager at Beaconsfield, says that this continuity of care is important. “The benefits are enormous,” says Malcolm. “Not only do the residents have the reassurance of staying within familiar surroundings, our carers get to know them as individuals. You have to remember that someone living with dementia is still a unique individual with personal preferences and tastes.”

Sunrise has a mission: to champion the quality of life for all elderly people. “In terms of dementia care,” explains Malcolm, “that means being able to help people and their families not only to cope with the challenges, but to understand the options available to them.” With the Sunrise team around to offer clear advice and guidance, living with dementia doesn’t have to be faced alone.