South Oxfordshire Memorial Park and Crematorium

South Oxfordshire Memorial Park and Crematorium

Bereaved families have benefited from exceptional service from South Oxfordshire Memorial Park and Crematorium since it opened in 2015, including a full, private hour provided as standard for their funeral ceremonies.

Users have appreciated facilities including the immaculate chapel with seating for 100, the landscaped gardens, unlimited choice of music and modern technology allowing procedures to be relayed outdoors for larger gatherings and to be streamed by webcam to people unable to attend in person. They have also praised the privacy of having the chapel to themselves instead of facing a ‘conveyor belt’ scenario of needing to hurry on while another funeral party waits outside to follow on.

Now the facility also offers the option of low cost funerals in response to a growing demand. These retain a suitable and dignified cremation, with or without a service but minus items that families may consider unnecessary to them and 50% to 80% below the standard cost, starting from £1,100.

Chief Executive Officer Howard Hodgson explains: “The excellent services offered by funeral directors are better than ever before. However, affordable cremations should also be available to everybody. Increasingly, some families wish to avoid many of the costs associated with a traditional funeral. This may be driven by a financial need, a desire to concentrate on a personalised service instead, a lack of religious commitment, a wish to spend the associated costs elsewhere, or perhaps just a private preference. In order to provide a service that meets such demands we have developed a range of quality, low-cost funerals and pre-arranged funeral plans that reduce the cost of a funeral by between 50% –80%.”

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