Hickory Golf’s Version of The Ryder Cup To Be Held At Monifieth

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Hickory Golf’s Version of The Ryder Cup To Be Held At Monifieth

The Ryder Cup may be over but golfers from the USA are about to battle it out against a team of golfers from The Rest Of The World in The Grand Hickory Match at Monifieth. This two-day tournament will follow a similar format to The Ryder Cup but competitors will be playing with pre-1935 Hickory Clubs and dressed in costumes very similar to those worn by golfers almost 100 years ago.

The Hickory Grand Match is to be held on Thursday, 9 October and Friday 10 October on the golf courses at Monifieth Links and is part of Carnoustie Country Festival of Golf, which runs until October 12. Following a Ryder Cup style format, the two teams – Team USA and The Rest of the World Select – will compete for the Society of Hickory Golfers International Hickory Cup.

“The Grand Match will be a wonderful international occasion with a highly competitive element,” said Scotland’s David Kirkwood, captain of The Rest Of The World Select.

David Brown, an American orthopaedic surgeon who also owns a hickory golf ball company, is Team USA’s captain. “We’re determined this first International Match will be fun and exciting so we can entice event more US and World players to try to qualify for the second Grand Hickory Match in two years,” said David.

“Admittedly, the UK players, in particular, may hold an advantage as they may have a ‘home field’ advantage with better knowledge of the courses at Monifieth. However, even if we don’t take more points than the Rest of the World Select, it will be a thrilling, enjoyable tournament where we’ll meet up with old friends and make new ones. What more could a golfer ask for?”

Lionel Freedman, co-founder and chairman of the World Hickory Open, which is currently underway at Panmure Golf Course, is one of the organisers of the Grand Hickory Match 2014. “I am delighted to host this high-profile hickory golf tournament on the courses at Monifieth,” said Lionel Freedman.

“Carnoustie Country’s links courses are ideal for hickory golf. As well as the courses being in excellent condition and the warm welcome our golfers always receive, Carnoustie Country’s reputation as the cradle of golf definitely appeals to hickory golfers, who really appreciate being able to play in a corner of Scotland where the game has been played for over 450 years.”

For more information, visit www.worldhickoryopen.com, www.carnoustiecountry.com, ‘like’ the Carnoustie Country Facebook page or follow Carnoustie Country on Twitter.

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