Corsham Primary School ‘sows the seed’ with wildflowers and golf at Kingsdown Golf Club

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On Friday 5th May 2017 Kingsdown Golf Club is hosting an Environmental Golf Day with the children of Year 3 from Corsham Primary School. The aims of the day are to introduce the children to environmental stewardship, explain about the Greenkeeping industry and how they are positively linked, as well as introducing them to the game of golf.

Taking place at Kingsdown Golf Club’s 3-hole Academy Course, the day kicks off with a short talk from Tom Freeman, Deputy Course Manager, about ‘Operation Pollinator’ and the benefits of pollinating insects and wildflowers on the golf course. The children will then be divided into 3 groups which will rotate. Each group will get the chance to sow wildflower seeds in the rough, learn how to chip the ball and how to putt on the green. Helping out on the day will be Captain, Leigh McCarron and Assistant Professional, Michael Reeves.

Kingsdown Golf Club would like to thank two companies for their help: DLF Seed who has kindly donated the wildflower seeds and Syngenta’s ‘Operation Pollinator’ which has provided ‘Bee Ident Cards’ and ‘Mini Wildflower Packs’ for the children to take away with them to plant either at school or at home.

Creating wildflower and out of play ecological areas are excellent ways of enhancing the golfers’ experience. It is hoped that this initiative will continue to maintain strong links between Kingsdown Golf Club and the local community, whilst at the same time promoting the game of golf and the importance of biodiversity.

For further information:
Contact: Kerry Spring Rice – Marketing Coordinator, Kingsdown Golf Club
Tel: 01225 743 472

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